The key to bluffing in Online Gamess

            Were you ever good at lying, either to your friends, family or teachers, now I’m not saying that laying is good, but there are certain times where it can be handy. Especially if you are in casinos or online gaming and such. One bluff could end up winning you thousands.

How to observe?

            What’s better than bluffing? When you know someone who is lying and you have the chance to catch them in the act. So what you have to look for are some signs, usually everyone has a tell, so if you can figure that out then you’re good to go. Also look for signs of intimidation, when people are trying to make it seem like they aren’t lying they will act more intimidated. And watch the shoulders, people tend to tense up when they are stressed, same with breathing. They tend to breathe deeper if they are stressed.

Why should you lie?

            You may think that you can go the whole game without bluffing, but that’s so wrong. You need and will bluff, because it makes you seem stronger than your opponent. That you have more than you already do and that you make actually win this. And if you have the confidence in your bluff you can ace it.

How to lie?

            You make think that lying or bluffing is easy, but no, you have to consider your every move. There is no specific way for you to lie, but you can try all your various methods to freak out your opponents so they fold.